For decades, we have been focused on planning, developing and providing technological solutions for the use of pure, industrial and medical gases.

We boast a broad technical background, alongside a deep knowledge of global gas technologies. Our manufacturing translates this knowledge into technological solutions to use gases in industrial production as well as healthcare facilities.



Our Know-How is the main asset of our company
Our design team is of high-level professional profile. In their 30-year long career, they have developed highly reliable solutions, innovating planning processes and the production of plants and services, with a view of the best economic result for our clients. As far as equipment is concerned, our capacity to meet specific needs from the customers and to provide post-sale assistance becomes of utmost importance.


Perseverance and innovation are the beacon of our business mission, and so are honesty, accountability and mutual benefit. We provide products that guarantee cost-effective performances and low resource consumption, alongside high levels of customer service, both in Italy and worldwide.

Our mission is customer-centred.
We firmly believe that the added value of a product stems from the activities taking place before, during and after production, rather than from the mere manufacturing processes. In other words, it originates from the knowledge of applications from the people designing our plants.