ECO MIX by Master Energia

Master Energia realizes custom-made gas mixers for every need of use, ensuring the reliability of its products over the years. The unrivaled reliability of EcoMix project guarantees the product years of operation without interruption.
EcoMix is a series of mixers for binary or ternary mixtures whose compositions provide good precision and stability. Robust and reliable, it has been designed to work continuously in industrial environments, mechanical and electronic components.
EcoMix is a line of gas mixers designed to make binary or ternary mixtures of excellent precision and stability. All EcoMix models are designed for continuous use in industrial environments, using the best mechanical and electronic components.


Technical features

The backlit electronic control panel consists of a 4 line screen for 16 characters and a keyboard with nine keys.
The screen displays all the operating parameters of the mixer and any alarm states such as the low input gas pressure block.
Using the keyboard it is possible to start and stop the mixer, to acknowledge the acquisition and to scroll the alarms and set the working pressure.
Neutral-potential contact is also available for remote control of the block / alarm status of the mixer and the RS485 output with ModBus protocol for dialogue with other devices.
Available with mix tanks inside, certified as a whole according to the directive 2018/68 / ED (PED).
Suitable for all types of gas, excluding corrosive ones.
For flammable gases, the ATEX version is also available.

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